Peer Response 3

In your response, address the following:Discuss your understanding of, and relationship to, the step selected—whether it is the same as yours.Relate the identified plans for approaching the Week 5 final essay.Your response should be about 100 words.PEERS RESPONSE:The two steps I tend to struggle with during writing are overcoming writer’s block and the topic sentences and paragraph development review. Although I have gotten better with writing since the beginning of the course, I encountered multiple challenges. There are some challenges I still have problems with today. When I started school, I didn’t pay much attention to writing a thesis, and I didn’t know how to structure a paragraph properly. It was hard for me to form topic sentences for paragraphs. Over time, I have also learned how to take my thoughts and put them on paper during the course—understanding the different ways of writing in this class has helped me build proficiency and confidence with my writing. Sometimes, writing an essay takes me a while to brainstorm ideas that I want to write down and use for the essay. A possible strategy I could use in the future could be to use the resources provided to me throughout the course. A plan that would help me with paragraph development could be using the point, information, and explanation strategy to form paragraphs. Writing practice essays daily or maybe even every other day could help me overcome the writers’ block.Identifying the key terms and action words will be most helpful to me on my week five assignment. I plan on using the action words in the week five assignment, such as describe, survey, investigate, discuss, produce, and refer to outline what I need to do for the assignment. Key terms, along with action words, will help me create an outline for the project. Using the outline, I will know what the instructor wants to see on the assignment for me to receive credit. Overall, all the steps listed on the Understanding Your Assignment webpage will successfully help me plan for my week five assignment in a way.

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