peer 4

review the comments that your classmates made about the Bruegel work, and identify similarities and differences between the elements that they found noteworthy and those that you did.PEERS RESPONSE:My name is Attallah Williams and I am excited to begin the course, this is one of the fist ever classes I have taken in college in regard to art. I live in Denver, Colorado with my fiancé and our 7 children, and our little Chihuahua named Mahogany. I currently work two full time jobs from home and I am also making my way slowly but surely through school, In my free time I enjoy making music or writing poetry as well as I also enjoy spending quality time with my family. The pandemic has tremendously changed what daily life entails for me and my family for sure but we have found so many ways to make the best of it. We are all looking forward to being able to explore and enjoy the out doors once again.I personally do not have much experience with art outside of music and dance to be totally honest this is all new for me and I look forward to taking the class because I will get to learn more about art and the different My initial reaction to the Bruegel’s The Fall of the Rebel Angels was that it was quite busy and all over the place., it was very complex for me to understand since I am not very familiar with art.

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