Pay close attention to detail. Business Human Resources Management.

IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS TUTOR PLEASE SEND ME A MSG WITH THESE ANSWERS.DO YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO DETAIL?WILL YOU PROMISE A GRADE OF B OR A?WILL YOU DO ALL THESE ASSIGNMENTS?DO YOU PROMISE NO PLAGIARISM?Deliverable 1 – Common HRIS technologiesCompetency:Assess Human Resources Information Systems and business technology.ScenarioYou are the HR manager for the ABC Store proposing the implementation of a new Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Your task is to develop and present the importance of HRIS technologies and acquisition of data, proven reliable and valid. This information will be utilized to assess and propose solutions while identifying deficits in organizational key performance indicators.InstructionsIn an executive summary to the CEO, address the following regarding the key aspects of data acquisition through HRIS technologyExplain the importance, benefits, and weakness of Human Resources Information Systems.Detail three methods used to acquire data and explain how the data was collected.Explain how data can present meaningful trends for consideration for reviewing three focus areas: turnover, wellness program efficacy and training and development.

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