Part IV: The Positive Impacts of Promoting Access, Equity, and Change

In two pages, describe the significant and lasting impacts that access and equity can have on children, families, communities, and a global society.Specifically, your response should include the following:An explanation of the benefits of advocating for access, equity, and change on children’s healthy development and learning.An explanation of how advocating for access and equity in early childhood classrooms and programs can benefit children, families, and communities, and provide a specific example.A recommendation for developmentally appropriate learning experiences for the following, with an explanation of how these recommendations reflect the principles of developmentally appropriate practice.Three families arrive an hour after preschool starts on a regular basisDual-language learners, most of whom are less fluent in English than they are in their primary languagesThree children in your classroom seem to be behind their peers developmentally. After meeting with the families, you discover that they live in poverty and some adult members of the family do not have high school diplomas

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