Part 2 Only

Please use the 2 attached individual postings to complete the group assignment. Integrate academic sources from both assignment reference pages. Also add in citations from the following 2 sources:


2. attached conflict management document

Part 2

As a group, extensively discuss the threads of Part 1 and develop strategies for implementing these concepts in organizations. Each group member is expected to participate equally in the group discussion and to provide input into the final group discussion board forum product.

One group member will synthesize group answers and post the 1,000–1,200-word thread to the group’s discussion board forum.

The subject line of the thread must be titled “Group Summary” and use the following as headings in each thread:

  • Introduction to the topic.
    • A short overview.
  • Group Consensus – the group’s consensus as to the 3 most important concepts
    • Discuss why the group determined these were the most important.
    • Why are these concepts important to an organization’s leaders?
  • Biblical Integration – why is it important to consider these concepts when walking in biblical truths?
  • Strategies – describe the strategies for implementing the concepts within an organization.
    • In 3 separate paragraphs (1 for each concept), provide details of why and how the group believes these should be implemented within an organization.
  • References – 7 total
    • 4 peer-reviewed references from the Liberty University Online Library. These references must have been published in the previous 4 years.
    • 2 references from the assigned articles or website readings.
    • 1 reference from Scripture.

Your Group Summary (Part 2) for Group Discussion Board Forums must be posted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module.

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