Pacific Rim Country Paper Country of Choice was Thailand

Write a paper of approximately 500 words on the content you would include on an imaginary website featuring the Pacific Rim country you chose in Week 1. Please note that you will NOT be creating an actual website. Your paper should include text, photos, maps, links to videos, and live links to outside resources that may be valuable to your target audience in exploring the country. Your paper should include the following elements:

  • A comprehensive description of your chosen country, including information that will be of direct interest to the target you have identified for your website in Week 2. Areas to consider as appropriate could be:
    • Historical events that shaped the country
    • Geographical landmarks and important geographical features (including features that helped shape the country’s culture and/or industry)
    • The economic situation, including any major trade partners and/or influencing countries
    • Major and minor religions, and a description of how those religions have changed over the history of the country and how the religions have shaped the political and economic landscape.
    • The overall cultural (including art and architecture) and the political landscape
  • Since your paper will focus on content that you would include on an imaginary website about your Pacific Rim country, be sure to include photos for each of the main areas specified above. You also can include links to outside resources such as video as well.
  • Be sure to cite and reference the source of all maps, photos, and other images.
  • Be sure to provide proper citation references for information that is not your original idea or common knowledge. If you are unsure what common knowledge is or
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