OUTLINE for research paper

Part 1 OutlineCurrent trends research paper topic is:The effect of using screen devices (including TV) on young children age 3-5 yearsMust use template provided for outline. (uploaded)*MUST use at least 2 of these sources:(Plus whatever other sources you may want to use, but must use 2 of these.)“Screen Time Guidelines for Preschoolers (for Parents) – Main Line Health.” kidshealth.org/MainLine/en/parents/screentime-preschool.html.“What Do We Really Know about Kids and Screens?” Monitor on Psychology, American Psychological Association, www.apa.org/monitor/2020/04/cover-kids-screens.“What Does Too Much Screen Time Do to Kids’ Brains?” NewYork-Presbyterian,   healthmatters.nyp.org/what-does-too-much-screen-time-do-to-childrens-brains/.I would like to work with same person for this outline and later for final paper.

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