Outline Finance Paper

I need a well written and detailed outline paper that thesis concerns how (financial management can lead for the success of startups) whats the impact OF FM ? how? why? examples? statistics? Counter argument maybe be please persuasive and please avoid generalization !

please if you have a more creative ideas about the thesis concerning this topic startups and financial management please add them

It should NOT be general outline and just key words

it should have main ideas and example and supporting sentences (detailed indeed)

it should include at least 5-6 CREDIBLE sources showing how we can use certain data to support the argument

it should also have at least 10-15 popular startups who failed and another 10 popular who suceed based on financial management concept and ideas ( NOT general finance ideas about financial management) for example measuring The capital, risk, return,…etc)

it should be approximate 2-3 pages

please add any creative solid ideas that you think it can work for my topic and well support it.


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