organizational analysis and job description

Review the material in the Hanson reading (Foundations of Social Work Practice: Chapter 12: Social Work in and With Organizations) and the Weinbach and Taylor reading “What Makes Human Services Management Different?” (See CLASS 8 Readings)

Talk to your field instructor and/or other agency administrator about obtaining the organizational chart for your agency. If an organizational chart does not exist, develop one based on your interviews with agency personnel, the agency website, and/or policy and procedures manual. Your organizational chart should be included as an attachment to your paper. (it is attached)

Analyze your field placement agency using the key components of organizational functioning discussed in the readings. These concepts include goals, formal and informal structures, service technologies and programs, membership interests and characteristics, and the task, proximal, and distal environmental contexts. All of these components should be discussed in your paper. Cite the readings as needed.

You are a member of this organization. Attach a job description for your position as an appendix to this paper. If a formal job description does not exist for the student field placement, develop one with your supervisor.

The minimum page requirement is 6 pages, but if the content is covered page numbers does not matter. I am currently placed as a school social worker at Ranson Middle School.

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