Operations Management and Factors Affecting Productivity

Read the required article on business process management by AlShathry. Notice that Chapter 2 of your text discusses factors affecting productivity, like standardizing processes and procedures and quality issues. Write a 3-4-page paper that analyzes the outcomes AlShathry describes for Saudi Arabian organizations and how productivity is impacted. Make a recommendation as to how productivity may be improved in Saudi organizations.

Be sure to use at least two current, scholarly references beyond any required course readings. Current sources are those published within the most recent five-year period, and scholarly sources are those from peer-reviewed journals.

Make certain for each listed reference that you have at least one supporting citation in the body of your content. Your reference page is always the last page of the submission where all individual references get listed.

Recommended References:

  • de Sousa, T. B., Camparotti, C. E. S., Esposto, K. G., & Guerrini, F. M. (2014). Alignment of balanced scorecard perspectives with supply chain management objectives: A literature review. Independent Journal of Management & Production, 5(4), 1050-1070.
  • The Global Competitiveness Forum. (2015, April 5). The future of (almost) everything: Global Competitiveness Forum [Video file]. Retrieved from h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX1aCvoGgVI
  • Favaro, K. (2015, Mar 31). Defining strategy, implementation, and execution. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/2015/03/defining-strategy-implemen…
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