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Please include the following APA elements response:APA formatted title pageIntroductionAPA Formatted headings for each key element discussedAPA formatted in-text citationsConclusionAPA formatted reference pageParameters: In Part 1 of the Project, you identified your company in terms of mission, vision, and strategic objectives. You also discussed how HR and the training unit will cooperate to ensure that the training program is realized.In Part 2, you completed the phase 1 of the ADDIE model, which was analysis.In Part 3, you completed phase 2 of the ADDIE model, which was design.In Part 4 you must develop and implement the training project, phases 3 and 4 of the ADDIE model. You are required to address the following key elements in the development and implementation of the project in approximately 500  words or more:Instructional method chosen (see table 8.1 in textbook).Instructional strategy used (see table 8.2 in textbook).Identification of material and equipment that will be used to maximize learning.Description of the facility and if it meets training requirements.Identification of factors used in choosing the trainer and its importance to maximum learning.Implementation process (dry run, pilot, ice breakers).Description of the process for ensuring training is transferred to the job.

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