Olympic Pride American Prejudice

Paper Components and Grading: Write a two-page (minimum) double spaced paper with 12-inch font which encompasses the following:

a) 5 points; A one page (minimum) summary of Olympic Pride and American Prejudice in your own words (not drawn from other film synopses found on-line) which will provide an overview of the documentary film and help to foreshadow your analysis of the film or panel;

b) 5 points: A one page (minimum) analysis. Compare and Contrast one issue, theme or important context offered in Olympic Pride and American Prejudice or the panel afterwards to a similar or related issue, theme or important context in the Larger and Larger article that we read earlier in the semester. In this paper you might show where information in the Larger and Larger article is very similar to Olympic Pride and American Prejudice or the panel—you can show where they differ—or have different points of analysis or emphasis. Or, you might use the Larger and Larger article as backdrop to help contextualize the film. These are merely suggestions—the purpose is for you to place the pieces in conversation with each other. Write up your analysis in a thesis-driven essay. A thesis driven essay means that you have an argument and support this argument with evidence from the documentary film and the article. See http://www.cws.illinois.edu/workshop/writers/tips/thesis/ for more information on how to write a thesis driven essay.

Evaluation: The best papers will be those that meet the page requirement, follow the assignment requirements, summarize the film, and place the film or panel into meaningful conversation with the Large and Large article. I will grade you on your ability to include all the required elements in this paper, the quality and depth of your argument, as well as your written expression (e.g. there should be a limited number of grammatical errors).

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