number the following

1) Return to last Sunday’s Essay Two submission page, read the submission made prior to yours, and make notes for a peer review you’ll submit here. If you were the first to submit on Sunday, you may choose any draft to peer review.

      • Peer reviews should be 125-150 words long and include:
        • The name of your peer at the top of your post, so they can spot their peer review easily.
        • At least one strength that stands out to you.
        • Three specific suggestions for improvement that relate to specific aspects of the assignment prompt and to specific passages in your peer’s essay.

2. For EACH of the the following, identify and explain TWO points that stand out to you, that you appreciate, or that you have questions about. For each, be sure to write in complete sentences so another reader can understand what you learned or appreciate and learn from it, too.

      • Rulebook for Arguments, Introduction
      • Rulebook for Arguments, Chapter I
      • Argument Dinner Party Series, Part III
      • Argument Dinner Party Series, Part IV
      • Signal Phrases & Embedding Quotes Grammatically

3. Go back to the Signal Phrase page and look at the section on Word Salads. Word salads or passages with awkward wording are often created when we introduce authors, their professions, their article titles, and their ideas in one sentence. Find an instance like this in one of your essays, include it in your response, then correct it using the template shown in the “Eliminating Word Salads” section of the signal phrase page.

4. Identify THREE powerful verbs from the lists (found TSIS INDEX AND POWERFUL VERBS) that you think will be useful in characterizing your ideas and those of source authors as alternatives to “says.” Of those three, pick ONE and share why you like it.

5. Works Cited Entries: Study one format for a Works Cited entry that you think you’ll commonly use. What stands out as difficult to you? What do you especially need to remember? How will you remember it? Then, how will you ensure you include accurately formatted Works Cited entries in your essays going forward?…

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