now you will conduct research in grantham s library and on the internet you will find a total of four articles select two articles from grantham s library ebsco and two articles from the internet complete your c r a p checklist prove that your res

Answer for Article 1, 2 3,4

Paste the link here:


How old is the information?

When was this site last updated? What date can you find?

Is it current enough for your project?


Is this information accurate? What is the origin of the information?

Who is sponsoring this publication?

Does the information come from a school or government organization? (.edu, .gov and sometimes .org—non-profit)

Do you trust this source? Why, or why not?


Who is behind the information?

Is there a specific author listed on the website?

What knowledge or skill does this author have in the topic area?

Is the author’s email address, contact information, included?

Is the information from a known and trusted organization?

Is there a bibliography given citing the website sources used? Do links go to other reliable information?


What is the motive of the site?

Does the website seek to inform you and present various sides of an argument or issue?

Is the information use neutral language? Is it free of bias (clearly one-sided opinion), and not trying to sell you something?


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