non discriminatory policy and practice law

Explore the internet and choose a news story, article, or example of a company that is facing a legal dispute about discrimination of some kind. You might want to look over a few different sources on the same topic, and choose the best article for your post. In your post (300 word min.), be sure to address the following:

Your Introduction should summarize the article, what is the background of the situation (what is the legal dispute over)?

The body paragraph(s) should address:

Was the original situation an example of overt or subtle discrimination?

After learning about the law this week, do you feel that the employee(s) in this case have legal standing? Why or Why Not?

What is the company doing to correct this problem (if anything)?

Conclusion should address if you think the company’s action will be enough to address their problem, why or why not?

*Use examples or cite the concepts from these 2 articles:

The other article is in pdf form, I attached it here.

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