no specific question please respond to the two discussion posts as directed 100 words minimum each


Complete the week’s reading then respond to both of the Topic Question(s)

  • Topic Responses should be at least 100 words
  • First Topic Posting must be prior to 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Saturday Evening for each Topic

IT117: Website Development

Images are an important aspect of any website. It would be difficult to find a website that doesn’t contain any images. The use of images on the Web inherently produces copyright issues. Read the scenario given and evaluate by addressing all questions.

Topic 1:

Tim was hired to create a website for a small business in his hometown. The website is for information and advertisement only and does not sell any products or accept payments online. As Tim begins to develop the website, he decides it would be nice to add some photos of the downtown area to promote a community theme for the site. To save time, he visits the websites of several area businesses and downloads some of the images displayed. Tim edits and adds the photos to the website.

Most of the websites that Tim retrieved the images from do not have a copyright symbol on the pages. The photos are not for sale, and they are all photos of public areas such as store fronts, the park, downtown, etc.

  1. Discuss whether Tim is allowed to edit and use these images on the website.
  2. Explain what ethical actions Tim could have taken when adding these images to the websites.

IT261: Desktop Administration

Topic 2: Managing Hard Disks and Working with Storage Spaces

You have been asked by your IT manager to instruct three new desktop administrators on the various methods of storing data on hard disk drives. You have explained about basic and dynamic disks but also want these new administrators to understand the master boot record (MBR), the globally unique identifier (GUID) partition table, virtual hard disks (VHD), and storage spaces. Discuss these topics. Include and cite your resources in your initial post.

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