New Offering Development Process

Course ObjectiveThis assessment addresses the following course objective(s):Evaluate various methods for creating customer value.Compare and contrast the ways that a company can create brand identity.Assess internal and external communication needs as they relate to the marketing function.InstructionsNow that your former real estate organization has merged with two other real estate firms and you have become the Executive Vice President for Marketing of the new Gaia Real Estate, inc. that covers both consumer and commercial/industrial structures; your job is to expand Gain throughout the United States. Focus on the following important elements in the real estate industry:Look at the latest census data and identify at least two areas in the country that are growing.Make plans to enter into those areas and crystallize your priorities either in commercial/industrial or consumer structures. Explain why.In the consumer area, are you going to include condominiums in addition to single-family structures? Crystallize your priorities between the two and explain why.Assuming that you are going to use beta tests, identify the criteria to be used for the selection of clients in both commercial/industrial and consumer real estate.Decide who your clients would be (demographics) for condos, single-family structures, commercial structures, and industrial structures.Also, consider the use of prognostication (forecasting) covering all the classifications of structures cited above. Provide priorities.SubmitYou must prepare a written work where you respond to the case scenario.  The work must comply with APA academic writing standards.  You must support your answer using appropriate sources (at least 5 references) that are properly cited

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