network assignment 1

Answer the question please clearly.

[2 points] If all the links in the Internet were reliable, would the TCP reliable delivery service be redun-

dant? Why or why not?

2. [2 points] If you are to develop an application that sends high quality images from one end to another,

would you prefer TCP or UDP? Explain, why you have selected that protocol (TCP/UDP)? Put some

strong arguments.

3. [2 points] In the rdt protocols described in class (and covered in textbook Section 3.4) what is the

purpose of sequence numbers and of timers.

4. [4 points] UDP and TCP use 1s complement for their checksum. Suppose you have the following three

8-bit bytes: 01010011, 01100110, 01110111. What is the 1s complement of the sum of these 8-bit bytes?

Why is it that UDP takes the 1s complement of the sum: that is, why not just use the sum? With

the 1s complement scheme, how does the receiver detect errors? Is it possible that a 1-bit error will go


5. [5 points] List all possible Congestion Control mechanism considering the following image and explain

all of them in detail.(see the attachment )

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