negotiation case the power screen problem 2 pages

Please read the attached case The Power Screen Problem

I need you to do:

1) Summarize the case in (one page) I will led discussion in the class

1) Answer the three question below (in one page):

a) Why are you entering this negotiation? What are your interests? What are your client’s interests, and which ones do you not know? what is your best guess as to the other parties’ interest?

b) Give your interests, what are some outcomes, areas of agreement, understanding, etc. , that you might want to reach in this negotiation in order to meet these interests?

c) List some approaches or strategies that you might use during the negotiation to help you develop the desired products. Remember that, because negotiation is a dialogue, not a monologue, no one approach will necessarily be appropriate. Be prepared with a range of approaches.

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