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(If you cant have done within 2 hrs don’t bid!)Question 1multiple_choice_questionThe ______ of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires U.S. citizens and legal residents to have qualifying healthcare coverage and imposes penalties on those who do not.Employer mandateIn loco parentis ruleIndividual mandatePay-or-play mandateQuestion 2multiple_choice_questionWhich of the following is NOT true about Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?It protects the security and privacy of health information.It applies to federal, state, and private employers with 50 or more employees who have been with the employer full time for one year or longer.It exempts pre-existing health conditions.It grants employees the right to retain their health insurance plans after changing employers or losing their job.Question 3multiple_choice_questionAccording to the recent survey conducted by Metropolitan Life Insurance company, which of the following is NOT true about employees who were satisfied with the benefits they received from their employers?They were more than three times as likely to be highly satisfied with their jobs.They were less likely to leave in the next 6 months.They were more likely to have a sense of loyalty to their employers.They were more likely to view benefits as an important reason to stay with their current employers.Question 4In the ______ stage of the training process, the content and resources that meet the goals and objectives set in the training’s design stage are determined and addressed.Training developmentTraining deliveryTraining designTraining transferQuestion 5______ compensates employees based on their ability to learn and acquire more skills or expand their knowledge, which in turn helps them become valuable assets to an organization.Outcome-based payExecutive payMerit payCompetency-based payQuestion 6Based on Vroom’s expectancy theory, ______ is the perceived probability that successful performance will lead to desired outcomes.InstrumentalityExpectancyGoal-settingValenceQuestion 7According to a study of Fortune 500 companies introducing work-life initiatives, what was the result of simply announcing work-life initiatives?It was followed by a 10% increase in average share prices.It was followed by a 0.39% increase in average share prices.They did not have any effect on average share prices.It was followed by a 10% decrease in average share prices.Question 8Which of the following laws is LEAST associated with determining compensation?National Labor Relations ActFamily and Medical Leave ActFair Labor Standards ActEqual Pay ActQuestion 9Which of the following types of training will be the least beneficial for employees who do not possess good computer skills or self-motivation.Self-pacedEmployee-initiatedFace-to-faceMandatoryQuestion 10Which of the following is NOT one of the three powerful behavioral reinforcers that have consistently emerged as effective in the workplace?MoneyCareer advancement opportunitiesRecognitionFeedbackQuestion 11multiple_choice_question______ perspectives focus on the source that triggers motivation: the “need.”ContentProcessBehavioralEquityQuestion 120multiple_choice_question 7133251______ refers to a process that provides employees with opportunities to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that enable them to perform their current job-related duties more effectively and responsibly.Career advancementEmployee developmentSuccession planningEmployee training

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