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Detailed Description:

You are required to develop a web page named“MCQs.html”. This web page must contain five MCQs(Multiple Choice Questions) having four options each. The web pagemust also contain two buttons “Check Result” and“Reset”.

The user has to select one option for each MCQ and thenclick “Check Result” button.

When user clicks “Check Result” button thenServlet named “” process HTML formdata, do some processing on that data and send the output of userresult back to client as given below:

Question 1: Correct/incorrect/unanswered

Question 2: Correct/incorrect/unanswered

Question 3: Correct/incorrect/unanswered

Question 4: Correct/incorrect/unanswered

Question 5: Correct/incorrect/unanswered

Answered questions: ____

Un-answered questions:____

Correct questions: ____

Incorrect questions: ___

Your Totalscore:_____   

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