Need help with the following economic problem sets within 2hrs please:

Parsons-Ashworth Bread Company decided to diversify their product line. The company introduced a new bagel line called Brandon’s Bodacious Bagels. This line required a $500,000 high-temperature oven which can only be used for bagels, but can be resold for $200,000. To train the workforce on how to make bagels, there was a one-time employee training cost of $100,000. Labor and material cost sixty cents ($0.60) per bagel. Brandon and Jared are paid an annual salary of $100,000 each as management consultants for the entire business (all product lines). The annual lease on the production building is $600,000 (all products produced same building). Investments of similar risk earn an annual interest rate of 10%. You are hired as a consultant to answer the following questions.

  • Which of these costs, if any, are sunk? [2 pts]
  • From the information given, what is the only hidden cost? [2 pts]
  • If Parsons-Ashworth are producing 100,000 bagels, at what price should Parsons-Ashworth shut-down bagel production in the short-run? Show all work. [3 pts]
  • You are now considering long-run profitability. Consider all costs given and allocate 25% of management consultants’ salary and building lease cost to the bagel division. At what price per bagel is the bagel-division profitable given annual production of 1,000,000 bagels? Show all work. [3 pts]


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