Need help with some learning activites.

There are two learning activites.

Learning Activity #1

An Interactive Map of the Worlds Wealth The world map depicted by Ferreras (2016) is interactive. Click on the various categories to see how the map changes shapes.

Compare the map of the World Median Ages and the map of Wealth Distribution. Draw as many conclusions about this information as you can and then think about what that means for the business leader today. How would they select products, markets, leaders and managers to work for the company? Support your ideas, reasoning and conclusions with the course material.

Course Material

Competing in a Global World – Chapter 1

Dominic Barton McKinsey Video

The Positives and Negatives of Globalization

The Pros and Cons of Globalization

In the New Globalized Diet, Wheat, Soy and Palm Oil Rule

One in Five Hundred Million

The Future of Work in A Developing World

Learning Activity #2

Dewhurst, Harris & Heywood (2012) in The Global Company’s Challenge, looked at the leadership challenge in promoting business in developing nations. The report explained that the future of business growth is in Africa, South America and Asia Dewhurst, et al., 2012). We have read and heard this same information in our course material this week as well. One of the major factors made by Dewhurst, et al. was that the challenge of leading people in developing nations.

Using the statement below, take a position and agree or disagree. Support your position with the course material.

“Leading business people in developing nations requires the same leadership skills of leading any other foreign nation a knowledge of the language and the culture.”


Dewhurst, M., Harris, J., & Heywood, S. (2012). The global company’s challenge. McKinsey Quarterly. Retrieved from

Ferreras, J. (2016, July 25). A world mapped according to Wealth looks very different. Huffington Post Canada. Retrieved from

Course Material

Changes in Leading

What is a Learning Organization

Developing Your Cultural Intelligence

Leadership and the Learning Organization

Cultural Intelligence: The Competitive Edge for The Future

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