Need help on Capital Market Efficiency Paper

Note from me:

Please write more than 525 words, as I will not use any anything that I do not truly understand. Please use professional sources that I can easily get to on the internet, with sources cited with paper as well as in reference section at end of paper. Class text book provided in this post is also a great source to use. Please do not use direct quotes from sites like Investopedia, as one of my previous tutors did that. Thank you!

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student an opportunity to explain what it means to have an efficient capital market. Students will gain an understanding of the different levels of market efficiency and how behavioral finance can inhibit reaching market transparency.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft® Word

Explain in 525 words what it means to have efficient capital market, including:

  • Describe the behavioral challenges in achieving efficiency.
  • Discuss the three forms of market efficiency.
  • What are the implications to corporate finance?
  • Would you consider the real estate market an efficient capital market? Please explain why or why not.
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