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Hey guys please choose one of the following prompts and write an essay please. It can be a short essay but it just has to be super good and well thought out. I need it for tomorrow morning. PLEASE HELP ME

  • Essay (20%–20 points): I will choose one essay. Each essay has multiple parts, so partial credit is possible.
  • Kant laid out two basic alternative principles of morality: the Principle of Universalizability and the Principle of Humanity. Pick one and state what it is. Come up with an action that it correctly classifies as morally wrong (the theory says it’s wrong, and it’s independently intuitive that it’s wrong). Now come up with a counter-example: an action that the theory says is right, but it intuitively isn’t, or an action that the theory says is wrong, but it intuitively isn’t. Finally, state some further objection to the theory that we considered.
  • In “A Defense of Abortion” Thomson grants that a fetus has the same moral status as a baby or an adult. What does this reveal about her overall strategy for arguing in favor of abortion? She sketches three thought experiments: the violinist, the expanding baby, and the people seeds scenario. Choose two and describe them. What real-life situation related to pregnancy does each of them parallel?
  • In “Killing and Letting Die,” Foot argues that the killing and letting die distinction makes a moral difference. Explain how she uses her Rescue I and Rescue II cases to argue for this. Foot also draws a distinction between negative rights and positive rights. What is this distinction, and which sort of right is principally at stake in Rescue I and Rescue II respectively? Which sort of right does she believe is more stringent? Finally, how does all of this ethical theory rate to the ethics of (active) euthanasia?
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