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Perry the Paralegal

Please read the following hypothetical, and then answer the questions that follow:

Perry has been working as a bankruptcy paralegal for three years for the same firm. He interviews clients, prepares bankruptcy forms, arranges for these forms to be filed, communicates with the clients, and sees their cases through to the end. As most cases only require one appearance by a lawyer, Perry does ninety percent of the work on each case.

His supervising lawyer reviews his work, but as of the last year, never has had to make any corrections. When Perry’s supervising lawyer takes a four-month medical leave of absence, Perry continues working. He prepares a lawyer (unfamiliar with bankruptcy cases) to make the required appearances. The clients and the firm are happy with Perry’s work so far.

  1. Has Perry committed any ethical violations? If so, how? What about the supervising lawyer?
  2. What would you do differently if you were Perry?

Post your answers on the Discussion Board and be sure to respond to your class

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