myths vs realities of experiences of people of color e g black people do don t vs nigerian or other african cultures do don t

it should be a power point that The finished research project when i record, would be a creative, interactive 6-8 minute presentation.

presentation must reflect some creativity. • Each presentation may include visual and audio components. o Examples of visual components include a combination of images and artifacts § Videos may be used but are limited to one 30-60 second clip. § Text on slides may be used, but must be limited to a few words per slide § Do not simply make a video of you giving a presentation.

The presentation must critically compare and contrast my assigned topic above.ŸThe overall presentation must address a specific “cultural conflict” — meaning something that two or more cultures have a major difference in beliefs, attitudes, values, practices, traditions, norms, etc.

grading criteria

The presentation is worth a maximum of 150 points. The grading criteria will be based on the following: § how thoroughly the cultures were described and compared § how well the psychological issue was explained § how critically the topic and comparison was analyzed § how well the presentation theme was explored § the student’s level of preparation and professionalism § the quality of the student’s responses to instructor and peer feedback § originality and creativity of the presentation format § the overall quality of the presentation.

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