Multi Phase Assignment

Absolutely no plagiarism, must be original and very thorough. Please make sure everything is followed in every section and follow the grading rubric. Must include at least five other academic relevant resources, total of at least 5 references. Must include in-text citations. Please include the free link to the relevant academic resources/references. Once you choose a topic I will give you the assigned reading for that week but must include outside academic resources as well.

Research Paper – Phase 1


In this term long assignment, you will write a 1200-1500-word research paper exploring one of the topics covered in class in additional depth. This is a cumulative project that will be completed over four phases and due on Sunday (11:59 PM, EST) of Weeks 2 – 4, with the fourth and final phase turned in by Wednesday (11:59 PM, EST) in Week 5.

Topic Choices

Below you will see a list of the primary subjects that we cover in this course. Choose one of these topics to explore further for a research paper:

Here are several examples of research paper approaches to these topics:

  • Explore how different businesses in the particular field or industry in which you work (for example, banking, accounting or IT) handle internal investigations in general.
  • Explore a particular case study of corporate fraud.
  • Discuss best practices at various companies in a particular field or industry in handling cases of sexual harassment.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other different possibilities out there! If you are choosing a subject that we have not yet covered in this course, you may want to go ahead and review the lectures and readings in the course on that particular subject by the end of Week 2.

Complete in Phases

You will be submitting your work in phases as follows:

Week 2: Phase 1: Choose Your Topic
Explore and determine your topic. You must choose your topic and write a 100 to 150 word paragraph detailing why you chose the topic.

Week 3: Phase 2: Outline and List of Resources

Conduct preliminary research on your topic using the NECB eLibrary. Write and submit a detailed outline of the framework of your paper and a rough draft of your references list. This includes (1) a detailed outline of at least 250 to 300 words, which should include all of the topic sentences that you are planning to use in your paper and (2) a rough draft of a references list, which must include at least five resources. You may edit and add to this list of resources in subsequent weeks.

Week 4: Phase 3: Rough Draft of Your Paper
Complete and submit a rough draft of your paper, writing at least one paragraph for each of your outlined items. This rough draft
does not have to include your concluding paragraph, but you may include this paragraph at this point in time if you would like. You should also include the most updated version of your references list

Week 5: Phase 4: Final Draft with Conclusion

Revise, edit, proofread and review your research paper carefully. You must also add a concluding paragraph to your paper if you have not yet done so. As a reminder, the paper should be between 1200 and 1500 words. Please make sure that your paper and list of references follow APA Style.


Documentation and APA Formatting

  • You are required to use at least five documented resources in your research paper. They must also be properly cited and referenced using APA Style.
  • Your resources should come from professional juried journal publications. The NECB eLibrary, which can be accessed using the left-hand navigation bar in the course, is a fine resource. Review the section on credible resources in the Student Resource Center for additional details on defining acceptable sources. Please remember that is not an acceptable resource for formal writing projects, as it is a non-juried website. You should not use Wikipedia as a source for this paper.
  • You must follow APA Style guidelines. You can find additional information about APA style in the Student Resource Center.


The final assessment of your work will include proper formatting and proper citation of resources following APA Style guidelines. Refer to the rubric in Week Five for additional details.

This week, Phase 1 of the Research Paper is due by Sunday (11:59 EST). March 4th.

Due Sunday (11:59 EST). March 4th.This is a graded activity. Refer to the rubric to see how your work will be assessed.


Week 2 Assignment

Week 2 Assignment



This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Critical Thinking

40.0 pts

Assignment demonstrates very thoughtful discussion of topic and excellent use of various critical thinking standards and concepts. These may include proper use of logic, reasoning, and the posing of well-considered questions.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Organization and Length

20.0 pts

Appropriate tool is used (submitted as a Word document); the organization is clear and easy to follow. The assignment follows the suggested word count.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Sentence Structure, Grammar and Spelling

20.0 pts

Sentences are structured correctly. There are no grammatical or spelling errors.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Timely Submission

20.0 pts

Assignment is submitted on a timely basis.

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