moonligt braving the wilderness

This assignment is a critical thinking exercise on the film Moonlight and the four elements of true belonging explored in Braving the Wilderness.

First, choose one of the four elements of true belonging explored in Braving the Wilderness. Then, review the associated chapter and ask: what are the main themes and arguments in this chapter? What stands out to me? What would be the result of practicing the four elements for myself, or others?

The four elements are:
People are Hard to Hate Close Up, Movie In.
Speak Truth to Bullshit, Be Civil.
Hold Hands. With Strangers.
Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart.

Second, reflect on the themes, characters, and events portrayed in the film, such as sexuality, masculinity, gender performance, authenticity and identity, etc. You might ask: How does the film portray fitting in or belonging? What are the rules/norms of Chiron’s social environment, and in what ways do these rules lead to expectations on Chiron’s racial and sexual identity, beliefs, and/or actions throughout the film?

Finally, write your assignment! The objective of this assignment is to reflect on the major themes of the film and then analyze them with the help of one of the four elements of true belonging. I would like you to use this assignment as an opportunity to reflect on the issues covered in class from your personal standpoint, so it is ok to use the first person in your writing.

An excellent assignment will be 500-750 words.
It will have a guiding question and/or thesis statement.
Include at least two citations from Braving the Wilderness & two references from the film.
Synthesize the events of the film with themes from one of the four elements of true belonging.

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