module 9 discussion online services


Have you used Spotify Radio®, Netflix®, or Hulu®? Sites such as these provide access to content and also permit social engagement with other users.

Spotify (Links to an external site.) – This music radio website allows you to sign up to enjoy free music of your choosing. You can set up playlists and create a random music mix based on songs and artists you already like.

Netflix (Links to an external site.) and Hulu (Links to an external site.) – These are TV apps. Connect to these networks and you can enjoy your favorite TV shows. Classics, horror, comedy, Sci-Fi, you name it, and they have it.

There are so many different types of social networks. If you are launching a college career or entering the workforce, you do not want to miss LinkedIn and Twitter. Post popularity drives the posts on the Delicious Website.

LinkedIn® (Links to an external site.) – By signing up, you join or you are virtually “linked in” with 60 million other professionals. You will find your colleagues, classmates, and experts on LinkedIn. Connecting with other individuals with similar professional backgrounds is a great networking tool for the workforce and creates job opportunities.

Twitter® (Links to an external site.) – Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions, and news about what you find interesting.

Online applications such as Spotify Radio and Hulu introduce a whole world of entertainment as the social networks mentioned, LinkedIn and Twitter provide new ways to connect.


For this discussion activity, comment about your experience with any two of these online services. If you have not used any of these previously, then be sure to spend the time to at least get familiar with two. If you have used them all, then select another similar resource.

  • How is their usability?
  • What impact do they have upon society? Education? Communication? Business?
  • What types of online services do you subscribe to for your own entertainment, education, or business interests?
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