module 6 reading topic summary with question i will add later

In addition to the attached file, the following readings are required:

– Singer/Friedman. CyberSecurity and Cyber War, Part II, Sections:

**“Cyberwar, Ugh, What Are Zeros and Ones Good For?”: Defining CyberWar

**A War by Any Other Name? The Legal Side of Cyber Conflict

**What Might a “Cyberwar” Actually Look Like? Computer Network Operations

**Focus: What is the Military Approach to CyberWar?

**Focus: What is the Chinese Approach to Cyber War?

**What about Deterrence in an Era of Cyberwar?

**Why is Threat Assessment So Hard in Cyberwar?

**Does the Cybersecurity World Favor the Weak or the Strong?

**Who Has the Advantage, the Offense or the Defense?

**A New Kind of Arms Race: What Are the Dangers of Cyber Proliferation?

**Are There Lessons from the Past Arms Races?

Provide a Topic Summary of your choice on an article selected from one of the Websites listed below. These summaries (a minimum of 250 words) must tie your article to the assigned readings for the week.

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