Module 03: Succession Planning

Many leaders in organizations either do not believe in succession planning or do not follow-through with the succession plan initiative.Your goal is to help build/create a high-level leadership succession plan to convince the executive leadership team to move forward with further research to implement (do not select CEO succession planning).  The research should include major reasons why leadership succession planning is important (your plan should include a minimum of three reasons).Research a tailored, formal, systemic, systematic, and experientially-based leadership succession planning and recommend one of these methods as part of your plan.Using Welder Library E-Resources of Google Scholar find a peer-reviewed article within the last 10 years on the topic of leadership succession planning.Assignment:Write and post a brief summary (3-4 paragraphs) outlining your plan (10 points)Include one peer-reviewed journal article (2 points)Reply to a minimum of two classmates. (3 points)The “like” feature will be enabled. You are encouraged to “like” the articles you find interesting.

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