misericordia role paper international development

in this paper you will get to be a character that have a description, you have to write this like you are the Hair of the Hat (anuk’klom) for Vice Chair Peasant Alliance of Misericordia (description of this character is attached in page 27) you should right this paper like a role paper, so you will write as you are the Vice Chair Peasant Alliance of Misericordia. i also have attached the slides from class that describe Misericordia and its development.


From the point of view of your character in Misericordia, describe the most important development challenge(s) facing Misericordia.

To fully address this topic, you must:

  • Understand your character & convincingly present ideas from that person’s perspective.
  • Understand the overall situation in Misericordia, its history, as well as the development challenge(s) you’ve identified.
  • Reference relevant material from course readings and lectures.
  • Identify who the stakeholders might be in relation to the challenge(s) – who will be impacted, who will gain, who will lose?
  • Address who, ideally, should decide on how to address the challenge?
  • Present any historical background a reader might need to understand these challenges.

Keep in mind:

  • Your Misericordia role description is just a starting point on what your character thinks, feels, and wants to do. Build on the role description. Be creative. Expand on your character and on that person’s ideas about development in Misericordia.
  • A development challenge might be a problem, crisis, or an urgent goal.
  • The suggested number of challenges: 1 or 2, depending on the detail you present.
  • All the Misericordia roles are posted on Canvas, one per student. It can be helpful to look at other role descriptions. IMPORTANT: (My role is in the last page number 27, Hair of the Hat (anuk’klom) for Vice Chair Peasant Alliance of Misericordia ) a description of character and all other characters are at the end of each role.

Format Requirements:

  • Length – 2 pages
  • Double-space; 1-inch margins on all sides; font no smaller than Times 11 point; include page numbers
  • Standard APA or MLA citation style
  • Maximum Length – 2 pages
  • The works cited page can be an additional page.

Grading Rubric: 100 points total (counts for 5% of the total course grade, gives us a very useful sense of your work and how we can help you improve it)

5 pts – proper use of citations.

5 pts – organization, clarity, grammar, etc.

10 pts – grasp of your character in Misericordia

10 pts – grasp of the development challenge

10 pts – relevant historical background

15 pts – account of stakeholders and how to address the challenge(s)

15 pts – use of course readings and lecture

30 pts – handing it in on time and w/proper formatting

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