mini research plan – child trafficking

TOPIC OF RESEARCH – How bad is Child Trafficking?

Follow these instructions, just fill in these bold points below with my research topic


The next step in developing a research proposal is to outline your plan for conducting the research. To earn full points for the assignment include all of the following sections and the required detail. Keep it short, you can expand in the full paper, this is just to check that you are on the right path.

Selection of Sample – Describe the population, including size, from which the sample will be selected. What kind of sampling method will be used? Explain how the sample will be selected, e.g., random, cluster, volunteer. Give the anticipated sample size.

Design and Development of Instruments – If using an existing instrument, identify the person(s) who developed it, explain briefly how it was developed, and confirm that you have received permission to use it. Report validity and reliability information resulting from previous use. If developing or modifying an instrument, explain in detail how this was or will be done, including pilot testing and procedures for determining validity and reliability.

Data Collection – Explain how the data will be collected (e.g., by mail, in person, online), when the data will be collected, and who will collect it.

Data Analysis – Describe the procedures to be used to answer the research questions and/or test the hypotheses.

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