mini apa report using anova insufficient sleep and poorer daytime functioning in the population 1300 words 1

A synopsis of a research problem with accompanying data set(s) will be provided. You are to select the appropriate procedures from the material taught in the course and analyze the data using SPSS. You will write up a report on the results, using graphs and tables as required. You will also interpret and discuss the results in light of the research problem provided. The submission will be in the form of an abbreviated APA-style report, with a ‘Results’ and ‘Discussion’ section.

Please SEE attached files for Full Instructions Rubric( must be followed carefully)

I think I have Stuffed up my analysis somewhere. However, I have included the SPSS output file, and the SPS raw data in an Excel file for you to refer to the data is also on the Marking rubric page, I have also included the ess paper as mentioned int he rubric. Please follow the rubric and instructions carefully as this is worth 40% of my overall grade. It won’t let me upload the SPSS files. If you need any more assistance, please contact me. There is also a help file I used to conduct the ANOVA.

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