Microeconomics Application Paper

Length: Paper: 5 – 6 double-spaced pages

Prepare and submit through Turnitin as a Microsoft Word document a 4 – 6 page paper that identifies and discusses the three (3) most important insights you gained during Principles of Microeconomics ENCU 202. The paper should be specific; your grade will be determined on how well you demonstrate understanding of microeconomic concepts and practices, your assessment of their implications, and how your thinking and/or behavior has changed. While the paper should focus on your personal learning and important insights, it must be based on course concepts and supported by 3 or more reliable sources.

Microeconomics Application Paper Guidelines In preparing your paper, reflect and respond to the following:

• What were the three most valuable and important insights you gained into microeconomics during ENCU 202? Using your text and/or other expert sources, define, describe and discuss the importance of the insights to you as a manager and/or consumer.

• What are the implications of your learning as a manager and/or consumer? How has your behavior and/or thinking changed to integrate your learning?

• What specific action(s) will you take to apply insights gained to enhance your professional and/or personal effectiveness?

From Rubric:

Insights Gained 45 – 41 Clearly and concisely defines and describes 3 significant insights gained directly connecting the importance of all 3 to self as a manager and/or consumer.

Learning Implications 45 – 41 Clearly and concisely describes implications of 3 insights gained to self as a manager and/or consumer. In-depth analysis of how behavior and/or thinking changed.

Application to Practice 45 – 41 Clearly and concisely identifies 1 or more specific and viable action to apply each insight gained to enhance professional and/or personal effectiveness

Critical Analysis 40 – 36 Consistently employs critical analysis integrating course concepts to identify and connect insights gained and actions planned to enhance professional and/or personal effectiveness

APA 10 Uses 3 or more sources, headers and accurately adheres to APA standards; reference page and citations are correct. All sources listed in References are cited in paper

Writing Mechanics 35 – 32 Paper is logical and well-written and includes an interesting introduction clearly stating the purpose of the paper. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are accurate. Paper is the required length of 5 – 6 pages of content, and includes a correctly prepared title page.

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