Question 11 ptsRespondents of a survey conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership ranked which of the following traits low in terms of being important for successful leadership?the ability to collaboratethe ability to build effective teamsthe ability to be decisivethe ability to influence without exerting authorityFlag this QuestionQuestion 21 ptsThe use of past experience to decide future actions is known as which of the following approaches to learning?anticipatory learningaction learningteam learningadaptive learningFlag this QuestionQuestion 31 ptsThe process of continually clarifying and expanding our personal vision, focusing our energies, and of seeing reality objectively is known assystems thinkingpersonal masteryshared visionteam learningFlag this QuestionQuestion 41 ptsThe author describes how GE emphasized action learning via a program that created teams of 8 to 12 people who came together to solve a real problem. Each team was coached by process experts, and employees learned through participation and experience. What was the name of this program?Agility Change Process (ACP)Process, Participation, Experience (PPE)Change Acceleration Process (CAP)Learning in Action (LIA)Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 ptsWhat does the author warn regarding the concept of a learning organization?the concept might become faddishthe concept might disappear foreverthe concept might be adopted by other countriesthe concept might be appropriated by government and nonprofit organizationsFlag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsBart Becht, CEO of Reckitt Benckiser, is known for developing four keys to creating a highly successful adaptive (or agile) organization. Which of the following is NOT one of these keys?ruthless focusstaying the courseleveling the playing fieldembracing conflictFlag this QuestionQuestion 71 ptsBecause of a special project, Khalib is asked to be part of a temporary group that is made up of individuals from marketing, customer service, engineering, and product development. The team has never worked together before, and will be dissolved once their work on this project is finished. This group would most likely be described as a(n) walled systemmodular structureshape-shiftingagile organizationFlag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsWhich of the following does the author cite as an example of a learning organization?the U.S. Armythe U.S. Navy SEALsNATOthe UN Security CouncilFlag this QuestionQuestion 91 ptsWhich of the following statements about mental models is FALSE?Mental models shape a person’s understanding of the world.People intentionally create mental models and are aware of their scope of influence.Because mental models are deep-rooted beliefs, they play an important role in motivating us.Mental models affect our personal and professional behavior and communications.Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 ptsWhat did more than 1,500 CEOs interviewed by IBM’s Global Business Services group say is the MOST valued trait for a leader tasked with managing complex environments?creativityhaving an MBA from a top schoolbeing friendlystaying the course

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