media disability futurity

about three pages long, you select any three passages from the file I upload

Purpose: you will select, cite, summarize and explain three key passages from the readingsr. This exam gives you an opportunity to practice reading for argument with attention to both form and content. And, it will help you identify your core interests in the material as you work towards the final project in the second half of the semester. We encourage you to select passages that you find interesting, inspiring, problematic or difficult, as these will help you identify what are the core questions for you in the analysis of the intersection between media studies and disability studies.


  • Go back and skim the readings. Were there passages you marked? Any that jumped out at you this time around? We are looking for passages about a paragraph in length (a bit longer or shorter is fine) that express a mostly coherent idea or set of ideas. All the texts we’ve assigned thus far are eligible, so you can use digital/visual content as well as written.
  • Select a few that seem important, interesting, difficult, problematic. Strategize about how you might summarize the key concepts in them, and how you might explain the importance of these concepts in the context of the broader conversation we are having in class about issues related to embodiment, personhood, agency, language, communication, and relationality. Based on that, narrow it down to your three final passages.
  • Write your summary and explanation of the three passages. This is sometimes called exegesis. That means that you will need to do the following:
  • Strategically but thoroughly summarize the ideas expressed. This is DIFFERENT from simply stating the ideas in order: a good summary pulls out the core ideas.
  • Explain how these ideas work in the context of class conversation and other readings
  • Explain any key terms, history, or references
  • Explain how the form of the text informs the ideas and finally
  • Draw conclusions about the importance of this idea to the space we are creating in the class at the intersection of media studies and disability studies

Your exegesis should be about a paragraph, at the most a (double-spaced) page.

Evaluation: Responses will be evaluated on the nuance of the formal and thematic analysis, the relevance and sophistication of the articulation to core concepts, and the economy and style of the summary.

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