Marketing presentation Smashbox Cosmetics – Powerpoint

  • Prepare a presentation for the Chief Marketing Office (CMO) of the company that you researched for the Phase 2 Discussion Board that identifies two or more current target customer profiles and the marketing approaches that are currently used to reach these targets.
  • Research and provide recommendations as to three specific digital marketing techniques that could be used to sharpen the focus on the existing target segments.
  • Be sure to explain how the online behaviors and activities of these target groups have been considered as part of your digital marketing considerations.
  • Create a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation consisting of the following slides, at a minimum:
  • Title, Overview, Target Profile #1, Target Profile #2, New Digital Marketing Technique #1, New Digital Marketing #2, New Digital Marketing #3, Conclusions, References.
  • There should be nine (9) slides minimum.
  • Slides should include short descriptive phrases only (except for Reference Slide), with detailed written narration using the Notes area, 100 word minimum, plus in-text citations as required.
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