Marketing Plan: Part III – Target Audience; Buying Motivations; Value; Benefits

MKT-308 Marketing Management

W3 – Marketing Plan: Part III

Two Parts to this assignment:

Part I:

Answer the DQ’s in 50 words or more; be specific:

Why might a company want to reposition its products?

Why is internal marketing critical to the success of service marketing?

Part II:

Product Extend-Ur-Shade – a clip on sun visor shade that offers shade extension to a car visor.

  • Complete Section III of the Marketing Plan Template in approximately 750 words.
    • III. A. Target Audience
    • III. B. Customer Buying Motivations/Desired Value
    • III. C. Product/Service Benefits
  • Format your template text using Writing Style Handbook guidelines
  • Include three new scholarly sources
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