Marketing Plan

Section Two:

Branding and Idea Context

Building on your project idea from MBA 515, – The idea was A Jamaica Restaurant called Jerry’s Caribbean Hut. The idea was a food truck restaurant in the charlotte, nc

write a short paper that addresses the following:

Corporate mission and how the new product or service aligns with it

Defining features of the product(s)/service(s)- which is carribbean food, mainly Jamaican food and south food

oHow the product will be marketed internally and externally

oHow the company is differentiating from competition

oAlignment of pricing with market position and corporate mission

Your substantiated opinion of brand effectiveness

Section Three:

Defining Product Or Service Need

For your idea, continue your paper by addressing the following:

Behavioral and/or lifestyle demographics of the targeted consumer

or buying style of organizational buyer and why they are a good choice

What unsatisfied need the product/service fulfills

How the customer/buyer seeks information to fill the need

How the product is purchased (characterize the buying situation)

Why your chosen target market is the best choice

Section Six:

Pricing Using the idea that you have chosen, finish your paper by covering the following:

Explain the fixed and variable costs and how these fit with the company’s short

-and long-term goals.

Use a narrative with a table to show calculations for cost categories.

Provide reasonable estimates for each of the categories.

Specific or in-depth financial analysis is not necessary.

Examine competitors’ pricing and explain reasoning for differences

Estimate how much you think the target market is willing to pay for your product/service.

Is this due to preferences for social responsibility, ethical behavior, or other intangibles?

What pricing strategy (skimming, penetration, economy, or premium) is most appropriate and why?

Guidelines for Submission:

Milestone One should utilize double spacing, twelve point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and

discipline- appropriate citations.

It should be eight to ten pages in length and follow all APA formatting requirements

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