marketing for a career 2

This assignment assesses your ability to apply Microsoft Word to potential marketing campaigns and for business needs. Please prepare a one-page brochure or flyer using MS Word in support of a business headquartered in the USA in your chosen field. You must have a minimum of 200 words. The company must align with your career choice for assignment 1 and you should present the material as if you were going to a job fair and trying to recruit applicants to your chosen field. Include appropriate graphics and information (you should be the original author—this means if you copy from a company website, you are plagiarizing), to produce a tasteful item. This item could become a piece of your writing portfolio that employers may request. The page should demonstrate an understanding of the company, be well organized, and tastefully attractive. It should also be computer generated with strong visual appeal and use it to make your career more desirable.

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