maritime safety case study

The Assignment:

Although IMO Conventions are highly regarded in promoting safety in the industry, it is argued that the institutional structure of the Organisation render the implementation inadequate.

Kuronen & Tapaninen, 2010, “International regulation based on national state implementation is not functioning properly”.

Knudsen & Hassler, 2011, criticise the weak link between IMO and national administrations: “A first and major factor is the structural weakness of the implementation systems in use—IMO making the decisions at the top and flag states, port states and ship operators implementing them”.

The task:

You are required to appraise the above statements.

Your appraisal should include, but not necessarily be limited to, a consideration of the operational structure of the Organisation, the involvement of IMO in maintaining and promoting maritime safety, constraints under which it operates, and the process of adopting and implementing maritime safety policy instruments.

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