1. Explain how a core mission and sub-goals can make for a more successful temporary team.

2. One of the best ways to begin a planning meeting is using the formula: who we are, why we’re here, and what we hope to accomplish. Describe how temporary teams function under these guideline.

3. Explain the difference between least acceptable outcome and maximum supportable outcome. Given an example of each in the context of a specific situation. (I.e. buying a car, getting a better deal on cable, getting moved to a larger office, etc.)

4. Preparing to interview others is fairly easy as long as we remain focused on the purpose of the interview. In this case we are looking at the hiring interview. This can occur with internal or external applicants. One thing to remember, always ask the exact same questions of all interviewees.

Scenario: You’re moving on to a new position within your company. Based on current or past employment, write two behavior-based interview questions (one sentence each) you would ask to ensure you’re hiring the right person to replace you. Explain why you chose those questions. Recall that you’re moving within the company, so if you recommend hiring the wrong person due to poorly written questions, it may reflect on you.

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