Assignment 2: Building a Training ProgramIn this assignment, you will evaluate various approaches to evaluating a training program and then create an implementable posttraining evaluation form to evaluate your results. To help you design your evaluation, here is some background information:The program is titled Basic Manufacturing Skills for New Employees.The class size is one hundred new employees with basic skills including mathematics, engineering, language, and reading.The class is a combination of lecture and practical application:Basic skills: Required for immediate impact on the production floorIntermediate skills: Required for advancement to more complex quality control functionsAdvanced skills: Required for supervisory positions to train new employeesTasks:Write a 2- to 3-page paper including responses to the following points:Identify the process that you would use to plan and implement a good training evaluation. Support your response with a rationale.As a part of your paper, create a posttraining evaluation form (in a Microsoft Word document) consisting of specific measurable areas with a valid rating scale.

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