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Chose 3 topics of interest to you that are covered in the chapter. Using information from the chapter and from at least one other original sources of your choosing (for each topic), give an explanation of each of the topics that can be understood by a 10-12 year old child. The word count for all the explanations combined must be between 400 and 600 words (as counted by Microsoft Word).

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

Here’s how I’ll grade it:

15 pts – There are 3 topics. It is clearly written. It is informative.

5 pts – It is simple to follow, and easy to understand (10-12 year old audience).

5 pts – It is in the word count range.

5 pts – There was care taken in spelling, punctuation, and grammar (this is not a writing class, so I won’t be exacting, I’m just looking for professionalism in the amount of effort).

5 pts – There are other original sources, they are cited, and able to be found.

5 pts – It is submitted on time

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