long term care management 28 question test

Long-Term Care Management 28 Question Test (Due in 2 Hours). Would be great to post answer by answer.

Question 1

What is the primary meaning of the term menu cycle?

Number of meals to be served per day.

Length of time for menu rotation.

Selective versus nonselective menu options.

Incorporating season variations in the menu.

Question 2

Which of the following agencies produces national data on nursing homes?

National Institutes of Health

American Health Care Association

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Administration on Aging

Question 3

Which of the following data are essential for the evaluation of activity programming?

Staff hours used in conducting activities

Total number of patients in the facility

Each resident’s record of attendance

Number of weekday, weekend, and holiday programs

Question 4

According to Deming, what effect do individual quotas have on quality?

Individual quotas improve quality.

Individual quotas result in personal responsibility for quality.

Individual quotas promote employee-supervisor teamwork.

Individual quotas promote short-cuts in quality.

Question 6

The administrator of a skilled nursing facility has decided that hiring two medication aides could result in relieving some of the pressures that licensed nurses are facing due to shortages. The NHA is functioning in the role of a(n)

resource allocator




Question 7

Which of the following is not a function of the governing board?

Make operational decisions

Ensure compliance with quality standards

Establish policies to protect patient rights.

Establish or review the mission and vision of the facility

Question 8

What is meant by skill-mix?

Training needs of different staff

Ratio of a particular skill type to the total staff

Time spent in patient care, clinical support, and documentation

Clinical acuity of patients

Question 10

A nursing home administrator decides to remodel the facility to add household-style kitchens for family dining. From a marketing perspective, what has the NHA decided to do?

Create a market niche

Differentiate the product

Reposition the facility

Improve the facility’s image

Question 11

How can the housekeeping supervisor evaluate the effectiveness of sanitizing procedures?

Use antimicrobial products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Take cultures to determine bacterial colony counts.

Enforce infection control practices.

Standardize and evaluate all housekeeping procedures.

Question 12

The food service director in a 150-bed nursing home is allowed $5.25 per patient day for raw food cost. If the facility has 135 patients, what is total dollar amount for the raw food budget?

150 x $5.25

135 x $5.25

285 / $5.25

365 x $5.25

Question 13

Which of the following is the most appropriate protocol for answering the telephone at WellCare Nursing Home?

WellCare, can I help you!

Good morning, WellCare Nursing Home, sorry to put you on hold!

This is the reception desk, how can I help you!

Good morning, WellCare Nursing home, how may I help you!

Question 14

A security audit

documents incidents whenever they occur.

assesses potential lapses in physical security.

is used to safeguard the personal property of residents.

documents actual breaches of security.

Question 15

Food preparation and service is guided by three main principles. Which of the following is not
one of those principles?

Physical sustenance

Enteral feeding

Sensory gratification

Social interaction

Question 16

What is the most common cause of bacterial outbreaks that cause food-borne illnesses in nursing homes?

Holding food for more than two hours at room temperature.


Improper holding temperatures during food service.

Improper cooking temperatures.

Question 17

Which of the following should be done to increase the skill-mix in the nursing department?

Increase CNA hours

Increase the volume factor in relation to the number of patients

Increase RN hours in relation to total nursing hours

Decrease the patient load for CNAs

Question 18

According to Deming, CQI should be used to find ____ problems.





Question 19

Remembering and reliving the past is important for ____ well-being.





Question 20

Which of the following is not the main purpose of medical records?

Determine the amount of reimbursement

Defense in malpractice litigation

Assist caregivers in coordinating services

Demonstrate compliance with regulations

Question 21

Why is it essential to separate washing and drying functions in the laundry?

To prevent cross-contamination

To increase efficiency

To effectively utilize staff skills

To provide a logical work flow

Question 22

Much of the staff turnover in nursing homes occurs within the first ____ days of employment.





Question 23

Why are items stored in the dry food storeroom kept 6 to 12 inches above the floor?

To keep the entire floor area clean

To keep food away from mice and rats

To keep the temperature uniform

To ensure adequate ventilation

Question 24

Minimum wage and overtime are governed by

the Fair Labor Standards Act

laws made by the Department of Labor

the Wage and Hour Act

the Fair Employment Act

Question 25

One method the administrator can use to monitor preventive maintenance activity.

Check on the progress of work orders on a daily basis.

Maintain a record of system failures and breakdowns.

Monitor compliance with the Life Safety Code.

Review the log of preventive maintenance and do spot checks.

Question 26

What is the correct temperature for food storage refrigerators?

20º F or lower

40º F or lower

Between 40º F and 50º F

A few degrees above or below 40º F

Question 27

A master activity calendar is prepared on a ____ basis.


twice a month



Question 28

From the standpoint of resident participation, the main difference between program orientation and intervention orientation is characterized by


holistic health



Question 29

Which therapeutic intervention would be appropriate for someone with visual impairment?

Validation therapy

Reality orientation

Sensory stimulation

Passive stimulation

Question 30

Governance essentially means

stewardship of an organization’s resources

control of operations

benefiting the stakeholders

legal compliance

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