Instructions:1.  Review the list of major literary devices and figures of speech.Literary-Techniques-and-Figures-of-Speech.pdf2.  Review the video on major literary devices and figures of speech: (Links to an external site.)3.  Read the set of poems found in Classic of Poetry in your textbook, paying attention to, of course, theme but also literary devices and figures of speech.4.  Create a PowerPoint focused on figures of speech and literary devices found throughout the set of poems.PowerPointRubric.pdf5.  Quote the example from your text.  Cite the quote using the title of the poem and the line number(s). Which literary device is shown in your quoted line(s).  Explain how you know that.  Be brief but accurate.6.  You must identify a combination of at least eight devices and figures of speech within a 10-slide presentation.  The first slide has to be the introduction, and the last slide should be the conclusion, which means that these two slides will not focus on a particular literary device or figure of speech.7.  Please do not put too much information on the slides.

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