Leadership in Health Care Journal WEEK 2. FOR JOHN CANTHAR

Leadership Approaches to Complex ProblemsProblems often come in bunches. As the HR Director of a large health system, you are beset with a wide variety of difficult situations. You have been served notice by a union representative that they are expecting contract negotiations to start and therefore you need to start preparing. You anticipate this will be a major challenge due to anticipated demands for increases across the board.You also have other items to deal with, including:A disciplinary action to oversee concerning a nurse accused of stealing drugs.A board committee is seeking direction on establishing new policies on smoking and obesity.Implementation of a diversity program for the faculty is requiring a lot of your attention.How would you go about handling each of these situations and what approach would you use?Describe your answer in detail, citing references in APA format where appropriate. Your Journal entry should be at least 500 words.

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