lawyer and court interpreter

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HERE’S THE DOWNSIDE: EVERY SEMESTER, TOO MANY STUDENTS EARN A “C” OR A “D” ON THIS PAPER BECAUSE THEY’RE SLOPPY ABOUT IN-TEXT AND REFERENCE CITATIONS. IN-TEXT CITATIONS HAVE TO TAKE THE READER ALPHABETICALLY TO THE EXACT FIRST WORDS OF THE CITATION ON THE REFERENCE PAGE. THE WORDS–LETTER FOR LETTER–HAVE TO MATCH. So if your reference page citation for the O*net website begins with “Bureau of Labor Statistics” and you cite (O*net) OR (BLS) in the text, the reader won’t find the right source. Sure, in a paper of four sources, they can figure it out. What about a long paper with hundreds of sources, however? The reader wouldn’t find the right one. THAT’S WHY THERE ARE CITATION STANDARDS.

Why is this a big deal?


  • define characteristics and future prospects of an employment field or job title
  • present information from multiple sources
  • show information literacy skills


A. Select two job titles or occupational fields that you want to explore. These jobs can be closely related or wildly different. You may choose from career or job suggestions found in your O*net career assessment or two of your own choosing.

B. If you already have a career that you intend to stay in, research that one and perhaps a management or finance track that might help you get a promotion, move to a different venue, perform your job better, etc.

C. Do your research! Use adult career development

1. You will use a minimum of 4 sources–all linked from the library website. Don’t go rogue and find sources on the net that aren’t in the library databases. The point is to become familiar with library offerings. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2. You will use Occupational Outlook Handbook or O*net TWICE, once for each career

3. You will use an online magazine or newspaper linked from the library site.

4. You will use one more source linked from the library website, above. One Source, the library link, is so easy to use. This source may be another magazine or newspaper OR may be a video or journal article. No private websites! Again, the purpose is to get you familiar with library guides and library databases. Talk to a librarian if you need help!

4. Compose a research paper of 1500 words that is divided into the following sections. No introduction needed. You don’t have enough words for it.

1. CURRENT ANALYSIS of each field. (Most of your paper.)

2. REQUIRED SKILLS that you will need (education, training, etc.) A few sentences for each career.

3. RED LIGHT, YELLOW LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT? A few sentences will suffice here. How do the skills, knowledge, and values/goals needed for this career match the your data from VIA strengths, Let Me Learn (LCI), and career motivators? Do you have any hesitations about each career?


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